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BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certification refers to the organization that serves as a social compliance organization that is a trade union. It conducts social responsibility audits on global suppliers of BSCI organization members. It mainly includes: compliance with the law, freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, prohibition of discrimination, compensation, working hours, work Site safety, a simple understanding is that the BSCI platform conducts audits of specified standards on factories that provide products to members.

CE (European Conformity) 

certification is limited to the basic safety requirements that the product does not endanger the safety of humans, animals and goods, rather than general quality requirements. The coordination directives only stipulate the main requirements, and the general directive requirements are standard tasks. Therefore, the precise meaning is: the CE mark is a safety mark rather than a quality mark. These are the “principal requirements” that form the core of the European Directives.

The ISO 90001 standard assists organizations in meeting the needs of customers and other stakeholders, while complying with legal and regulatory requirements related to their product or service.

As the Type Approval Authority for the United Kingdom, VCA has conducted an assessment of Luguan’s quality systems and control plans for brake pads to verify compliance with industry standards and regulations.

CCC (often referred to as the 3C certificate) is applicable to both imported and China-manufactured products. Luguan’s brake pads must obtain CCC approval before they can be imported, purchased, sold, or used in China, ensuring compliance with mandatory Chinese certification standards.