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After decades of growth, Luguan has made significant strides in the brake pad industry. Our R&D department offers robust technical support and continuously develops new products using cutting-edge technology and materials. The company boasts several advanced production lines for brake pads, including compression molding, sintering, casting, and other specialized processes.

Brake Pads Production Line

Capacity: 200,000 pairs monthly

This is a leading automatic production line in Luguan, designed to manufacture three different types of brake pads. With 118 molds specifically for various brake pad compositions, our production capacity reaches 200,000 units per month, assuming an 8-hour daily operation.

Brake Pad Performance Test

The video showcases the specific steps of the testing process, the specialized equipment used, and how to interpret the results. Additionally, it explores the impact of different materials and designs on brake pad performance, offering valuable insights for selecting and maintaining brake pads.

Brake Pad Production Process

It details each stage of the production process, from the selection of raw materials to the final quality checks. Viewers will learn about the various materials used in brake pad construction, the pressing and heating techniques that form the pads, and the rigorous testing procedures ensuring safety and durability.

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