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OEM/ODM Insoles Supplier/Manufacturer

Different materials of insoles have different functions and comfort,

we have a wide range of material insoles to choose from, like EVA insoles, PU insoles, PU foam insoles,etc.

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EVA Material Insoles

EVA insoles are ideal shock absorbers, protecting the foot from ground impact and helping to protect the joints and ligaments of the foot.


PU Foam Material Insoles

PU foam, with breathable and sweat-absorbing, anti-odor, anti-bacterial characteristics. It has the effect of pressure-relief and shock absorption, and can effectively absorb the rebound force generated by the ground when exercising or walking.

PU Material Insoles

PU material has high shock-absorption capability. Rather than just absorbing the shock, pu has the ability to turn this energy around and use it to enhance performance. This means that pu insoles are extremely durable and stable.

TPE /Gel Material Insoles

TPE/ Gel Insoles are ideal for providing comfort and support for the feet. A Gel Insole is as supportive as any other type of insole,but provides a high level of comfort and support due to the way it can spread the pressure rather than leaving it focused on only one area.

Memory Foam Material Insoles

Memory Foam Insoles provide the ultimate comfort and support for your feet. Rather than having to mould the insole every time you are wearing it, the Memory Foam Insole is shaped to your foot, meaning the support is there as soon as you put them on.

Latex Material Insoles

Soft and comfortable natural LATEX, natural latex contact foot skin healthy and comfortable, latex base and sweat absorption and breathable performance, cushion for the whole foot.


Leather Material Insoles

The leather has strength and excellent hygiene properties, making it ideal for the production of insoles.
Maximum breathability is provided by the naturally breathable leather and air vents with feathers. Leather’s supple effect improves cushioning while increasing wear durability.

Felt/Wool Material Insoles

Wool felt insoles are made from a material that grows naturally on mammals and, after high density processing, keep your feet dry and warm.
It is extremely soft and lightweight, protecting your skin from the effects of cold and moisture while providing maximum comfort for your feet.