Honda Brake Pad Set 45022-S84-A01

  • Front Axle
  • AKB
  • 137.7 mm
  • 52.5 mm
  • 16.5 mm



Honda Brake Pad Set 45022-S84-A01

Introducing the HONDA Brake Pad Set 45022-S84-A01

Upgrade your braking performance with the genuine HONDA Brake Pad Set 45022-S84-A01. Engineered for precision and reliability, this brake pad set ensures optimal stopping power and safety for your vehicle.

  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted with premium materials to withstand the demands of daily driving.
  • Perfect Fit: Designed to fit HONDA vehicles seamlessly, ensuring easy installation and a precise fit.
  • Enhanced Braking: Advanced technology for improved braking efficiency, reducing stopping distances and promoting safety.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Built to endure various driving conditions, providing consistent performance over time.

Give your vehicle the stopping power it deserves with the HONDA Brake Pad Set 45022-S84-A01. Trust in the reliability and performance that comes with genuine HONDA parts.

Upgrade your driving experience today!



HONDA CIVIC VII Saloon (ES, ET) 2000/10-2006/04
HONDA CIVIC VII Saloon (ES, ET) 2000/10-2006/04

  • CIVIC VII Saloon (ES, ET) 1.7 (EU3)
  • Front Axle


Factory Number Number
AK A-662WK A662WK
BENDIX DB1391 DB1391
BOSCH 0 986 495 153 0986495153
FMSI 7573-D465 7573D465
FMSI 7573-D764 7573D764
FMSI 7632-D764 7632D764
FMSI 9182-D1956 9182D1956
FMSI D1956 D1956
FMSI D1956-9182 D19569182
FMSI D465 D465
FMSI D465-7573 D4657573
FMSI D764 D764
FMSI D764-7573 D7647573
FMSI D764-7632 D7647632
ICER 181329 181329
LPR 05P641 05P641
MK D5116M D5116M
OE 06450-S5D-A00 06450S5DA00
OE 06450-S5D-A01 06450S5DA01
OE 06450-S84-A00 06450S84A00
OE 45022-S01-A01 45022S01A01
Factory Number Number
OE 45022-S01-A02 45022S01A02
OE 45022-S10-000 45022S10000
OE 45022-S10-010 45022S10010
OE 45022-S10-020 45022S10020
OE 45022-S5D-405 45022S5D405
OE 45022-S5D-A00 45022S5DA00
OE 45022-S5D-H00 45022S5DH00
OE 45022-S84-A00 45022S84A00
OE 45022-S84-A01 45022S84A01
OE 45022-S84-A02 45022S84A02
OE 45022-SNA-A50 45022SNAA50
OE 45022-SNA-A52 45022SNAA52
OE 45022-SNE-A00 45022SNEA00
OE 45022-SNE-A51 45022SNEA51
OE H4502-S10-003 H4502S10003
REMSA 0324.12 032412
ROADHOUSE 2324.12 232412
TRW GDB3144 GDB3144
WVA 21497 21497
WVA 21498 21498
WVA 21499 21499



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