TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04465-0K260

  • Front Axle
  • Advics
  • 143.5 mm
  • 67.5 mm
  • 17 mm


TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04465-0K260

Ensure smooth braking performance with the genuine TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04465-0K260. Crafted with precision to fit your vehicles specifications, these brake pads guarantee optimal stopping power and durability.

Engineered with advanced materials, these brake pads offer excellent frictional properties, reducing stopping distances and enhancing safety on the road. Designed for easy installation, they provide a hassle-free replacement solution for worn-out brake pads.

Trust TOYOTAs commitment to quality and reliability for your braking needs. Upgrade to the TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04465-0K260 today for consistent, reliable performance mile after mile.


TOYOTA HILUX VII Pickup (_N1_, _N2_, _N3_) 2004/08-
HILUX VII Pickup (_N1_, _N2_, _N3_) 2.5 D 4WD (KUN25_) 2KD-FTV   2494 75 4 Pickup 2005-
  • 11/2008
  • Front Axle
HILUX VII Pickup (_N1_, _N2_, _N3_) 2.5 D-4D 4WD 2KD-FTV   2494 106 4 Pickup 2009-
  • Europe
  • Front Axle
HILUX VII Pickup (_N1_, _N2_, _N3_) 2.5 D-4D 4WD (KUN25_) 2KD-FTV   2494 88 4 Pickup 2007-
  • 11/2008
  • Front Axle
HILUX VII Pickup (_N1_, _N2_, _N3_) 3.0 D-4D 4WD (KUN26) 1KD-FTV   2982 126 4 Pickup 2007-
  • for vehicles without ESP
  • 11/2008
  • Front Axle


Factory Number Number
A.B.S. 3788* 3788*
BENDIX BD22** BD22**
BREMBO P831** P831**
DELPHI LP22** LP22**
FMSI 8776-D15** 8776D15**
FMSI D156* D156*
FMSI D1567-87** D156787**
GIRLING 61352** 61352**
ICER 1820** 1820**
LPR 05P16** 05P16**
OE 04465-0K2** 044650K2**
Factory Number Number
OE 04465-0K2** 044650K2**
OE 04465-0K3** 044650K3**
OE 04465-0K3** 044650K3**
PAGID T205* T205*
REMSA 1468.** 1468**
ROADHOUSE 21468.** 21468**
TEXTAR 25209** 25209**
TRISCAN 8110 131** 8110131**
TRW GDB35** GDB35**
WOKING P15683.** P15683**
WVA 2520* 2520*
WVA 2521* 2521*


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