TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04465-WB001

  • Front Axle
  • 125.7 mm
  • 51.6 mm
  • 15.4 mm


TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04465-WB001

Ensure smooth and safe braking performance for your Toyota vehicle with the TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04465-WB001. Crafted to meet Toyotas stringent quality standards, this brake pad set guarantees reliable stopping power and durability.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your vehicles braking system, these brake pads offer optimal friction for efficient stopping, minimizing wear on your rotors and ensuring consistent performance over time.

With easy installation and precise engineering, the TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04465-WB001 is the perfect choice for maintaining the integrity of your Toyotas braking system. Trust in genuine Toyota parts for unmatched quality and peace of mind on the road.



MAZDA 2 (DL, DJ) 2014/08-
2 (DL, DJ) 1.5 P5Y7  P5Y5   1496 85 4 Hatchback 2014-
  • Front Axle
2 (DL, DJ) 1.5 P5Y7  P5Y5  P5Y8   1496 55 4 Hatchback 2014-
  • Front Axle
2 (DL, DJ) 1.5 P5Y8  P5Y7  P5Y5   1496 66 4 Hatchback 2014-
  • Front Axle
2 (DL, DJ) 1.5 D S5Y5   1499 77 4 Hatchback 2014-
  • Front Axle


Factory Number Number
ATE 13.0460-567*.* 130460567**
BOSCH 0 986 494 8** 09864948**
BREMBO P 49 0** P490**
FMSI 9081-D18** 9081D18**
FMSI D185* D185*
FMSI D1852-90** D185290**
ICER 1822** 1822**
JURID 5738**J 5738**J
LPR 05P19** 05P19**
OE 04465-WB0** 04465WB0**
Factory Number Number
OE DAY4-33-**ZA DAY433**ZA
OE DAY5-33-**ZA DAY533**ZA
OE DAY6-33-**Z DAY633**Z
OE DAY6-33-**ZA DAY633**ZA
OE DBY1-33-**Z DBY133**Z
OE DBY1-33-**ZA DBY133**ZA
REMSA 1656.** 1656**
TEXTAR 22235** 22235**
TRW GDB21** GDB21**
WVA 2223* 2223*
WVA 2223* 2223*


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