TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04466-26030

  • Rear Axle
  • Akebono
  • 113.4 mm
  • 49.8 mm
  • 17.4 mm


TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04466-26030

Upgrade your Toyotas braking performance with the genuine Toyota Brake Pad Set 04466-26030. Designed specifically for your Toyota model, these brake pads ensure optimal stopping power and safety on the road.

Constructed with high-quality materials, these brake pads offer durability and reliability, giving you peace of mind mile after mile. Engineered to meet Toyotas strict standards, you can trust that these brake pads will provide consistent performance and fit seamlessly into your vehicle.

Dont compromise on safety. Choose the TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04466-26030 for a confident and smooth driving experience every time.


TOYOTA HIACE VI Box (__H3__) 2019/02-
HIACE VI Box (__H3__) 2.8 (GDH300, GDH320) 1GD-FTV   2755 130 4 Van 2019-
  • for vehicles with disc brakes on the rear axle
  • Rear Axle
TOYOTA HIACE VI Bus (__H3__) 2019/02-
HIACE VI Bus (__H3__) 2.8 (GDH322, GDH321) 1GD-FTV   2755 115 4 Bus 2019-
  • for vehicles with disc brakes on the rear axle
  • Rear Axle
HIACE VI Bus (__H3__) 2.8 (GDH322) 1GD-FTV   2755 120 4 Bus 2019-
  • Rear Axle


Factory Number Number
ASIMCO KD20** KD20**
BREMBO P 83 1** P831**
BREMBO P831**N P831**N
DELPHI LP36** LP36**
FMSI 9509-D22** 9509D22**
FMSI D226* D226*
FMSI D2269-95** D226995**
HELLA 8DB 355 040-1** 8DB3550401**
HELLA PAGID 8DB 355 040-1** 8DB3550401**
ICER 1824** 1824**
Factory Number Number
MK D23**H D23**H
NIBK PN18** PN18**
OE 04466-260** 04466260**
PAGID T286* T286*
R BRAKE RB24** RB24**
SB SP45** SP45**
TEXTAR 25434** 25434**
WVA 2543* 2543*


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