TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04491-20062

  • Front Axle
  • AKB
  • 107.8 mm
  • 45.4 mm
  • 14 mm


TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04491-20062

Upgrade your Toyotas braking performance with the genuine TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04491-20062. Engineered to meet the high standards of Toyota vehicles, this brake pad set ensures optimal stopping power and reliability.

Designed specifically for your Toyota model, these brake pads provide a perfect fit and seamless operation. With advanced materials and precision engineering, they offer durability and consistent performance, even under demanding driving conditions.

Replace your worn-out brake pads with genuine TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04491-20062 to maintain safety and restore your vehicles braking efficiency. Trust Toyotas reputation for quality and reliability when it comes to your vehicles braking system.

Ensure your Toyota stops smoothly and reliably every time with the TOYOTA Brake Pad Set 04491-20062.


TOYOTA COROLLA Hatchback (KE, TE) 1972/10-1980/01
COROLLA Hatchback (KE, TE) 1.6 (TE51_) 2T   1588 54 4 Hatchback 1976-1980
COROLLA Hatchback (KE, TE) 1.6 (TE51_) 2TB   1588 62 4 Hatchback 1976-1980
TOYOTA CORONA (_T1_) 1979/10-1983/12
CORONA (_T1_) 1.8 (TT1) 3T   1770 63 4 Saloon 1979-1981


Factory Number Number
FBK AF2040M AF2040M
FMSI 7088-D160 7088D160
FMSI D160 D160
FMSI D160-7088 D1607088
ICER 180195 180195
MK D2040M D2040M
OE 04491-20062 0449120062
Factory Number Number
REMSA 0075.30 007530
ROADHOUSE 2075.30 207530
WVA 20259 20259
WVA 20541 20541
WVA 20542 20542
WVA 20543 20543
WVA 20544 20544
WVA 20697 20697
WVA 20698 20698


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