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Luguan prioritizes quality, upholding strict QA & QC standards to ensure our brake pads meet essential requirements.

Incoming QC

Incoming QC is the initial quality control step for Luguan’s brake pads before production begins. To guarantee the final products satisfy customer requirements, our QC team rigorously inspects raw materials, focusing on aspects like thickness, density, durability, and other key qualities.

Inprocess QC

Throughout production, Luguan’s skilled QA team performs regular inspections to oversee the entire brake pad manufacturing process. They scrutinize not only the products being made but also adhere to strict standards, including production regulations, machine operation, and material handling. Our QC commitment is to ensure you receive reliable, high-quality brake pads.

Final QC

For the final brake pads, Luguan conducts thorough inspections and tests. For instance, we test the braking efficiency and durability of each pad, along with safety and visual quality. Only after passing these rigorous checks are the products approved for packaging and distribution.

Outgoing QC

Outgoing QC is Luguan’s final step in ensuring brake pad quality. Our shipment inspections typically involve random sampling, tailored to meet customer-specific requirements, including checks on both the products and their packaging. Only brake pads that meet our stringent standards are approved for dispatch.

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